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By making payment you are agreeing to our terms and conditions as follows:

Once an order has been placed, we schedule baker and decorator time for your order and other orders are denied for that scheduled time. For this reason, NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN FOR CANCELLATIONS AT ANY TIME FOR ANY REASON.  Deposits will be FORFEITED in the event that the balance due remains unpaid closer than two weeks prior to pick up. No changes to the design can be made within one week of pick up. All other changes must be approved by the decorator and may incur additional cost. 

We are not responsible for any damage to the cake after pick up/delivery is complete. You are responsible for handling the cake and providing the appropriate and secure transportation, table and environment for the cake. Food coloring is unstable and tends to fade or become altered if exposed to direct or indirect sunlight. There are no guarantees for outdoor events. Upon pick up by you or your representative, you assume all liability and responsibility for the condition of the cake once it leaves Sugarbee Custom Bake Shop's possession.


By accepting the cake, you or your representative affirm that the cake is to your satisfaction and release Sugarbee Custom Bake Shop from future dispute, including negative social media or reviews. Be sure to give yourself time to look over the details at pick up. If there is something to your dissatisfaction at the time of pick up, SPEAK UP or forever hold your But seriously, it's the only time we have the opportunity to set things right. We can not issue refunds after pick up for minor things that could have been corrected in store. 

Our products may contain or come into contact with milk, wheat, nuts, soy, and any and all other known or unknown allergens.  Sugarbee Custom Bake Shop will never guarantee an allergen free cake regardless of how if was ordered; gluten free, vegan, dairy free, nut free, etc.

Light burn away cakes at your own risk. Be fire smart. Sugarbee can not be liable for any damage caused by open flames.


Sugarbee may place fresh flowers, per your request. We do not guarantee food safety of said flowers, whether provided by us, your florist or yourself. You agree to notify your guests of this risk and hold us harmless for allergic reactions or illness. 

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